IOfiz Printer Usage Monitor System Automatic meter reading to simplify your billing, management of toner alarms, proactive maintenance and tools for your sales team.

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Iofiz App network of devices, vehicles (GPS & A-GPS) and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data creating opportunities for more direct integration AI system.

IOfiz Printer Usage Monitor System

Automatic Meter Readings
Automate meter readings and simplify your billing process.
Customer support
Contact us. We are humans willing to help you.

Toner levels
You’ll see toner levels of all your printers.

Maintenance msgs
maintenance to your customers printers by tracking error messages.

IOFIZ Network Connection Apartment Management System(AMS)

Apartment Management System(AMS) for ideal way to manage complete housing society or neighborhood maintenance tasks.
Apartment maintenance tasks elevator , Lighting ,library , Gym room & swimming pool.

Apartment maintenance clearing service. Owner submit to complain location need the clearing. App will direct show the process and connect to management handling.

Account and Finance report more detail. delay payment unit, project maintenance and account balance.



Our features

We Maintain the system and security to safeguard your web data center with Cisco .Comodo SSL Certificate have 2048-bit industry SSL certificate.

Comodo SSL Certificates.

Strong industry standard encryption

All Comodo SSL certificates meet or exceed NIST and CAB Forum industry standards by employing powerful 256-bit symmetric encryption, a 2048-bit RSA signature key. They are also capable of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). It would take a supercomputer thousands of years to crack a Comodo SSL certificate.

Enterprise Security

We have partnered with several key security players to ensure we provide you with the best security options on the market.

Advanced Monitoring Network System

Scrutinises network traffic in real-time to identify anomalies, quarantines attack packets and blocks malicious traffic.

Clean Pipe Network

Our premium network cleans all internet traffic, eliminates malware, spam and viruses without you incurring capital expenditure on hardware. Rest assured that your data is clean and secured.

Dedicated Teams at Your Service

We at IOFIZ SOLUTION pride ourselves by offering our customers access to a host of technical specialisations, with over 10 years of experience, we have built technical teams who are able to offer advice for both small and large scale environments.

Our services include:

Software Solutions
Private Cloud Solutions
Mobile App Solutions
Web App Solutions
IOT Design Solutions
Security Assessment and Consultation

IOT Technology (Iofizソリューション)

IOFIZ Solution® is based on unique technology to create a product for integrates your meter collection, billing and supplies delivery processes.

Technological Innovation

IOFIZ Audit offers the technological innovation and industry experience to help you make the most of your managed services offerings. Developed on the .NET Framework, IOFIZ Audit also accommodates partner and third-party integrations. IOFIZ Audit Support Canon, Ricoh , Brother , Fuji Xerox , HP, Konica Minolta , Sindo , Toshiba & Sharp Printer & Copier. サポートブランド

IOFIZ Solution Data Capture

IOFIZ Audit® offers the most Printer & Copier data collection software tools available in the industry today.

  • Simple design

    If admin handover the case. very easy do arrangement & manage machines and report to their superior.

  • Fully Report

    Consumable levels of all your printers: Fuser, toner waste, imaging unit, etc.

  • Costing Saving

    Iofiz Audit has the lowest administrative overhead of any managed print solution in the industry.